Commonwealth Avenue: Look! Liberal Tiana!

Egad! It’s the fall of communism in Tiana!

I woke up this morning to learn of tremendously wonderful happenings in one of the community’s most hard-out communist states. It seems Joe Puglisi was hurled out of office and replaced by that Romanian chap we all know and love, dear Ciprian Jucaresti. The communist government which had been around in one form or another was gone! In its place was a newly-formed liberal democratic government. I never though I’d see the day.

At the same time I hear about this, I also learn that the brown is hitting the oscillator, big time. Zealandia has gone off its nut screaming that the election that brought Mr. Jucaresti to power was unfair and biased and it should be done again.

This from a nation that brands its opposition mentally ill and discards them from Parliament.

To me, it seems that the Zealandian Union of Very Very Socialist States is just really cheesed off that for once the left hasn’t won power (that is, won… or given?) in this election and that Tiana has begun shifting to the right.

I’m very pleased that Tiana has finally begun sliding over our way. It’s taken a long time, I know – I tried and failed to achieve it last year. Cip’s reforms are a breath of fresh air for Tiana, and now there is a government in place we here in Sirocco feel is friendly enough to talk to.

Onto Zealandia, in my opinion the government there should butt out. If you’re harping on so much about democracy and whatnot, then leave the current government alone. They were elected into office, so practise what you preach and shut up. If Zona were to elect a socialist government, yes it would be a disappointment, but as part of the deal we have to tolerate it. Political ideologies do make a difference, but if Zageta were to fall under red control, we would still have dealings with them – it is the responsible, sensible thing to do, not complain about them and try to force them out in government meetings.

The new liberal government in Tiana has the full backing of the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco, the Federal Party and myself. I have just learnt, also, that there is going to be legislation introduced that allows the free market in Tiana. That, I like. I like that very much.

We rightists in the community, regardless of national affiliation, must see to it that we support and nurture this seedling of capitalism in Tiana, and while I don’t expect Tiana to sidle up to our side of the spectrum anytime soon, it is astoundingly great to see that Tiana is, after all this time, finally leaving its socialist past behind it to embrace a new future… and that future is painted a brilliant blue.

Daniel Anderson

1 Comment on Commonwealth Avenue: Look! Liberal Tiana!

  1. I wasn’t “hurled out of office”. I hold the office of President. Ciprian holds the office of Prime Minister.

    This isn’t so much as Tiana shifting to the right as a rejection of the political dominance of the CPT, I’d think anyway.

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